Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Im up too;)

Well its already tuesday we just had a long weekend that was more than fun;) Life is so good Im so happy to start it out the way we have, lots of camping, friends, bbq's and alot of good weather for all are trips so far that we have spontaniously gone on! This summer Is going to be full of fun stuff I can tell already! Danny is getting so big and so good at listening thank god lol;) He is a good little camper and that makes things so much more fun;) Other than all that Im just looking forward to this summer and Ill be posting all the fun times on here and I cant wait to share;)

Canyon Creek

Dan and Aaron always doing something funnny in the camera I love it!
We had a blast it was so hot though but It was well worth it I had so much fun;)

Canyon Creek! 2008 Dan Bday;) 26 years old;)

Monday, May 26, 2008


Me and Dan always outside camping or just going for the day;) We were at Larrabee it was so pretty and perfect;) Love that place so much!
Memorial Day weekend was a blast;)

Memorial Day 2008

Danny being so adorable with Jay's bottle;)

Sat. night;) Memorial weekend fun!~

This is my lovely Victoria and her super nice boyfriend Ross they were so awesome and called me and said there in town it was perfect timeing I tell you;) Love them!